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Hey there and welcome to KOtrained.com!

We are husband and wife fat loss specialists, Bryan and Katie.

If you're struggling with how your body looks and feels then you're in the right place!

We built this website for people like you because we used to be confused, frustrated and ready to give up. Let's face it...

Most of the exercises, workouts and diets you see in the mainstream media are WAY TOO COMPLICATED for normal people! Even worse...

A lot of the exercises and nutrition programs you're being told to follow right now could actually harm you!

If you're ready for change, then we're here to help!

The first place to start is by trying out one of our FREE follow-along videos and seeing if we are a great fit for you... I am sure we will be :)

We spent a lot of time, money and energy making the best fat burning and muscle toning follow along videos just like the one you are about to complete.


We look forward to helping you reach your goals so you can apply the Curve-Ball Effect and get your sculpted and lean body!
-Katie & Bryan
Programs By KO Trained
14-Day Total Body
10-20 Minute Workouts That Burn Fat And Build Lean Muscle
 Exercise Modifications Making it EASY for the Beginners And HARD For Advanced Users
 Get Your Best Body Ever In Just 14-Days!
Shrink Your Waist And Get Lean And Sculpted Abs
 Over 40 Signature, NEVER Before Seen, Killer Ab Exercises That Hit Your Entire Core
 Get A Tighter, Leaner And More Sculpted Midsection In Just 14-Days
8-Week Rapid Fat Loss 
Get LONG LASTING Results With Our Done-For-You Proven Program
Detailed Workout Calendar To Take All The Guess Work Out Of What Workouts To Do
 3 Fitness Evaluation Trackers To Track Your Progress
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